Robin Joseph

These window and door alarms are so simple to install. There are even arrows to show you exactly how to line up the pieces. We used ours on windows, and there is an on/off switch on each of the main units. If we want to open the windows, we can simply turn off the alarms. The alarm sound is very loud. Even if you are in another part of your home, you should be able to hear the alarms if they are set off.

Rebecca Hester

I’m a 6th grade teacher in Jersey. I purchased a 2 oz. Wildfire pepper spray to keep in my purse. Fortunately, I haven’t had to use it yet, but it makes me feel a whole lot better knowing that I have it with me.

Gregg Shadel

I ordered a Bashlite stun baton/flashlight for my wife. We we have a new neighbor who is really being over friendly toward her. He never comes over when I’m home, so I can’t make the point I would like to. To help her gain some confidence in using it, I let her test it on me. I don’t recommend this. Trust me, it works. There is serious pain and disorientation! Thanks for helping me decide what to get my wife.

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